Accounts Receivable Financing

Access Fast Payments for Your Invoices

Access Fast Payments for Your Invoices With Accounts Receivable Financing

accounts-receivablesMeeting the financial needs of your business is a balancing act. When your cash reserves are low and threaten your ability to cover important expenditures like payroll or raw material purchases, Byrd Capital LLC can purchase your open invoices. Through our accounts receivable financing program, you can access the cash you need to maintain financial balance at your business.

How Financing Your Receivables Gets You Back on Track

Traditional loans are not always the best option for your business during periods of low cash flow. The turnaround time for loans is often much longer than your vendors or employees can wait for payment. Financing your open invoices is different from a loan:

  • You will complete a quick application and approval process, instead of waiting weeks or months for loan paperwork and approval.
  • You can receive payment for your invoices in as little as 24 hours, much quicker than a bank can provide you with funding.
  • You will not incur debt since this is not a loan, but the sale of an asset.

The Byrd Capital LLC Advantage

Our accounts receivable finance program is designed to help businesses like yours. We offer many built-in advantages, including:

  • We finance any type of business and require no personal guarantees.
  • We base qualification on the credit profile of your customers.
  • We handle all transactions and collections.

Make Sure Your Expenses Are Covered

You can get help with your financial balancing act by financing your invoices with Byrd Capital LLC. Contact our team today for a no-fee analysis and to learn more about covering your expenses through the sale of your invoices.

Contact us today and let’s get started on growing your business.
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