Merchant Cash Advance

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A Merchant Cash Advance Can Provide Your Business With Short-Term Financing

Merchant Cash AdvanceWhen seeking fast and efficient funding, traditional bank loans may not be the best option for your business. In contrast to the often lengthy approval process associated with conventional loans, a merchant cash advance can provide your business with a simpler pay back process, as well as more reasonable terms. At Byrd Capital, LLC, we offer this as well as many other funding options well-suited to the needs of a variety of clients.

Access Funding Without Increasing Debt

Unlike a bank loan or lines of credit, merchant cash advances provide necessary funding without adding to debt. This lending solution allows a business to exchange a percentage of pending credit card sales for financing that can be used on as needed basis. By capitalizing on assets your business already retains you can expand your business without incurring harmful debt down the line.

Benefits of Merchant Cash Advances

Businesses may require funding for a variety of needs, which entails a flexible lending solution. Fortunately, merchant cash advances can be used for many different purposes, from advertising expenses to business expansion. Clients can also access a number of additional benefits:

  • No risk of losing equity
  • Fixed payments are not required
  • No pricey application fees or closing costs

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