Purchase Order and Trade Financing

For those businesses involved in pre-sold merchandise

Continued Business Success Can Be Yours With Purchase Order Financing

purchase-order-financingFor those businesses involved in pre-sold merchandise, Byrd Capital, LLC can afford the purchase order financing necessary to maintain lasting business success. Our skilled staff can help your business acquire suitable funding for things like the domestic production of pre-sold goods, as well as import and export procedures.

Working with an experienced company is key in this respect, and we provide clients the benefit of our experience in wholesale, distribution, and production. For companies that lack adequate capital or are dealing with less-than-satisfactory cash flow, we can devise a funding solution that works for you.

Purchase Order Financing Provides Numerous Benefits

As with many other types of alternative lending solutions, purchase order financing can be the source of numerous benefits:

  • Access to a fast and efficient source of funding
  • Enable business expansion without adding to debt
  • Ensure deliveries remain on schedule
  • Increase profits by undertaking larger orders

We can even help start-up businesses access the capital they need to make a real impact in their chosen industry. This is essential when faced with more established companies, which often retain a greater advantage over new businesses still trying to find their footing.

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Byrd Capital, LLC can help numerous clients access the sort of funding solutions that fit in best with their current needs. This includes an array of alternative financing that offers businesses a more flexible and time-sensitive funding option. For more information on all that we can do for your business, please contact a service representative today.


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