SBA Loans

Numerous Funding Solutions to Meet a Multitude of Needs

Small Business Loans Allow You to Remain a Viable Competitor

small-business-loansWhile financing is an essential concern for virtually every business, it is especially so for smaller companies seeking to make an impact on a given industry. To this end, Byrd Capital, LLC can offer your company a reliable small business loan capable of offering much-needed financing for important business functions. We can take you through the SBA process step by step to ensure you receive the funding you need to remain a viable competitor among larger entities.

Numerous Funding Solutions to Meet a Multitude of Needs

Whether your business is in search of essential equipment or real estate, we can provide a funding option best suited to your exact needs. In addition, we have vast experience in re-financing your existing business as well as acquiring other companies as a means of expansion. We also provide funding suited to more sizable projects requiring a continual source of financing.

We Are the Acquisition Experts

Of course, financing related to expansion is highly important for smaller businesses. In this case, we provide a number of loan options to help encourage business growth, which entail the following terms:

  • Total loan amortization
  • Pre-qualification of your business in 48 hours
  • Up to 80% financing available
  • Terms of up to 15 years

We are also well-versed in the purchase/acquisition of many different types of commercial properties. This includes auto repair shops/dealerships, restaurants, veterinary clinics, hospitals, gas stations, and numerous other commercial properties.

Trustworthy Funding Options Are Crucial

While many lenders offer some form of small business financing, not all are created equal. Byrd Capital, LLC can assuage client concerns thanks to our designation as Preferred Financial Service company by the Small Business Association. This allows us to maintain a strong working relationship with each and every client, which is just one reason why we are so respected in the industry. 

Funding Well-Suited to Your Businesses Needs

No matter the size of your business, Byrd Capital, LLC has a funding option just right for you. Please contact us today to ensure lasting success through funding solutions you can rely on.

Contact us today and let’s get started on growing your business.
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