Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Make Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Simple

Acquire the Commercial Property You Need With an Alternative Lending Solution

Growth in business often entails buying or re-financing commercial property, which can require funding to ensure your business has the capital it needs to acquire valuable property. Fortunately, Byrd Capital, LLC can provide businesses with stated income commercial real estate loans, which offer a useful alternative lending solution to things like bank loans and lines of credit.

A More Efficient Approval Process

While banks are typically considered the first choice for businesses seeking funding, this option often entails in depth checks into a borrower’s financial history. As a result, the approval process may take an extensive amount of time, which can imperil your business’s ability to undertake vital functions. Conversely, stated income loans are determined by establishing the overall value of a given property. That means the approval process is far more efficient than with more traditional loan options. 

Stated Income Loans Offer Funding Flexibility

Flexible funding is yet another upside when making use of a stated income loan. Your business can utilize this funding for a number of purposes, including the following:

  • Refinancing of mortgages
  • Consolidating debt
  • Purchasing or making improvements to property
  • Providing working capital

Stated income loans can also be useful for financing many different types properties, from retail spaces and restaurants to office buildings and warehouses. Such flexibility is key to putting your financing to good use. 

Soft Money Loans Are Available

Our clients are privy to soft money loans, which afford unbeatable terms when compared to other loan options. For instance, we accept almost every type of commercial property, with commercial loans available up to $500,000. Clients can also expect closing to occur in just 2-3 weeks, making this an ideal option for those businesses seeking funding in a hurry. 

We Remain Dedicated to Serving Your Financing Needs

For those that qualify, Byrd Capital, LLC can help your business access the right alternative lending solution to meet your needs. Please call today for more information on which lending solution is just right for you.

Contact us today and let’s get started on growing your business.
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